RadBus Maare-Mosel

With the RadBus MaareMosel (line 300) you can bridge the climbs between the Moselle and the Eifel. The bus runs between Bernkastel-Kues and Daun and also connects Wittlich and Manderscheid. On weekends and holidays, some trips run via Pantenburg and Gillenfeld instead. The RadBuses run hourly every day from about 7 a.m. until about 10 p.m. in the evening, offering a very comprehensive range of services that allows you to plan your tours flexibly. The trailer of the RadBus holds up to 17 bicycles.

The RadBus Maare-Mosel-Express (line 555) serves similar stops as the RadBus Maare-Mosel (line 300), except that the route crosses the highway and thus some stops are omitted. This allows you to reach your destination faster. The Maare-Mosel-Express runs every two hours and connects Bernkastel-Kues and Daun from about 9 am to 5 pm. Line 555 can also transport 17 bicycles.

By the way, you can also reach the RadBus Maare-Mosel by train in Wittlich Hbf (Mosel route Trier - Koblenz) as well as by RadBus Eifel-Mosel (line 777) from Daun, Bahnhofstraße.

Contact details

Questions for timetable:
bkr mobility
Tel. 0800 / 3586109
E-Mail: info(at)bkr-mobility(dot)de  

Questions for tickets & fares:
Verkehrsverbund Region Trier GmbH
Tel. 01806 / 131619 (20 Cent/Anruf a. d. dt. Festnetz, aus Mobilfunknetzen max. 60 Cent/Anruf)
E-Mail: kontakt(at)vrt-info(dot)de

Questions fo tours & overnight stays:
Eifel-Tourismus GmbH
Tel. 06551 / 9656-0
E-Mail: info(at)eifel(dot)info

Mosellandtouristik GmbH
Tel. 06531 / 9733-0
E-Mail: info(at)mosellandtouristik(dot)de