Questions and Answers

You have some questions about RadBuses, which you could not find answers to? Perhaps you will find an answer here in the FAQ.
You can also contact us directly if you have any questions, feedback, ideas or problems. The right partner can be found on the Infopage of the selected RadBus on the website Contact page.

Questions about booking bike tickets

What does a RadBus journey cost?

The price for a bus journey consists of the following three components:
•    The price of your personal travel ticket
•    The price of your bike ticket (there is no difference between an electric bike and a regular bike),
•    For advance internet bookings there is a booking fee of 2.00 euros per 5 booked bike spaces.

Please note that the booked bike ticket is not your personal travel ticket.

On the internet for technical reasons you can only buy your bike ticket including the booking fee in advance. You can easily buy the travel ticket from the bus driver or via the VRT Fahrplan App or via DB Navigator.

Please note the following information for your bus ticket:
Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket:

The Rhineland-Palatinate ticket is valid for 1 to five people and costs 28.00 euros (at the ticket machine) for the first person, and then each additional person only costs 7.00 euros. This means: 5 people can travel for a reasonable price of only 56.00 euros. With this ticket you can: travel the all day long on the buses and trains of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland and in some parts over and beyond. Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 3am of the following day, at weekends and on public holidays even from midnight (00.00). Further information – about the areas where the tickets are valid and more about the transportation regulations for parents and grandparents are available at:

Combi-tickets/Price rates for the transportation operators

For journeys with RadBuses the prices rates for the responsible transport associations apply. For journeys which go beyond the boundaries of two transport associations the price will be determined by the regional travel zone of the corresponding transport operator. The relevant applicable price rate can be found on the website of the corresponding RadBus.

Additional bike tickets:
The bike ticket in 2024 still only costs 3.00 euros per adult bike and 2.00 euros per child’s bike, up to the age of 14 years.

Can you also use the Deutschland ticket for RadBusse?

Yes. For passenger transport in the Radbusses you can also use the Deutschland ticket. For transporting bicycles however, you must purchase an additional ticket.

When do I need to book my bike ticket by at the latest?

A booking can be made up to 2 hours before the RadBus departs as long as there are sufficient spaces available. As the bike spaces are limited on all RadBuses we recommend you book early.

Do I need a printed booking confirmation?

No - it is only necessary to show your booking confirmation on your smartphone. A printed version of the confirmation is not necessarily required. You can also make a note of your booking number and show this or even give your name to the bus driver.

Can I cancel, rebook or change a booking?

A booking made via the booking system is binding and unfortunately cannot be cancelled or changed (exchanged), this is not possible for technical reasons.
The exclusion of cancellation possibilities is in the interests of all users: this way “stockpile bookings” or “fair weather bookings” can be avoided. If the cancellation option were available, then it could lead to numerous bookings being made and likewise to many last-minute cancellations depending on the weather conditions or enthusiasm.

My computer crashed whilst booking. Has the booking been made anyway?

The booking has been entered as soon as it appears on your screen. If your computer crashes after sending a binding booking, then it is possible for the booking to have already been completed. In which case, please contact the responsible transportation operator. They will be able to confirm your booking and issue you with the booking number. The right person to contact, can be found on the website Info-page of the selected RadBus.

Can I book from abroad?

Yes – booking payments by credit card, direct debit (from the Netherlands), Giropay and PayPal are all possible.

Can I also take an earlier or later RadBus than the bike ticket I originally booked on the same day?

Yes – however, if the bike spaces are fully-booked then it will not be possible to take your bike (for example when all spaces on the trailer are already full) Although the reservation will then expire the bike ticket still retains its validity on the day of travel for the given route.

Can I also use the RadBus without booking a bike ticket in advance?

Yes – however, you risk all bike spaces being taken and you will not be able to be transported. Please remember: there are no extra spaces reserved for last-minute travellers.

Can I book the bike ticket by telephone?

As an alternative to reserving online, you can also reserve your bike spaces by telephone on 01806 / 723287 up to 2 hours before starting your journey (please note for the Brohl valley railway all journeys must be reserved by 12am the day before). Reserving bike spaces then costs an additional 5.00 euros service fee per booking. Much the same as the online reservation all costs for the bike ticket and passenger transport still have to be paid for, in addition to the reservation fee.

Can I book more than 5 spaces for a group?

Group bookings are possible in the booking system and booking via the internet costs 2.00 euros per five persons. If there is not enough space capacity the travel operator may organize an additional bus for large groups. Please contact the responsible travel operator directly by email for further information, this can be found on the website Info-pages of the respective RadBus operators.

Can I also get on the bus at other bus stops along the route?

You can also get on the Radbus at a later stop en route. However, your reservation will then expire, as the bus driver may give a “no-show” reservation at the booked bus stop to other passengers. Therefore, it may be possible that there is not enough space available to take you. If there are enough bike spaces available then you can take up your reservation without having to pay again for your bike space.  

Are there any advantages to the Gäste-Ticket (Guest-ticket)?

Yes – with the VRT and VRM-Gästeticket (VRT or VRM guest ticket) you can travel cost-free on all buses and trains of the partner region also including the RadBuses of the Eifel, Hunsrück, Moselle and the Rhine/Ahr. For one journey with the RadBus you only need to pay for transporting your bike, if you remain within the VRT or VRM region. The VRT or VRM-Gästeticket you receive when you stay in a guest house, a hotel, a holiday home or on a camping site in the VRT or VRM region on holiday and your hosts participate in the Gäste-ticket Scheme. Further information is available from the Verkehrsverbund-Region-Trier and Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel.

Questions about transporting electric bikes

What do we mean by electric bikes?

The expression electric bikes basically refer to e-bikes as well as pedelecs. We ask you to consider the following points, because transporting pedelecs and e-bikes involves a lot more effort for the bus driver. When you observe the points listed below, you minimize the extra effort involved when loading the bikes and likewise help the other passengers, too.

Can electric bikes be transported on all RadBuses?

Due to their growing popularity electric bikes can be transported on selected RadBuses travelling with a trailer. Some RadBuses however travel with a rear bike carrier – in which case transporting electric bikes is unfortunately not possible due to the weight. Electric bikes which are oversize (for example, by the manufacturer Prophete and with a battery on the saddle bar) for reasons of safety also cannot be transported on the bus trailers.

On the following bus routes it is possible to transport electric bikes:

On the following bus routes it is not possible to transport electric bikes:

What do I need to observe for transporting my electric bike?

Please remove the batteries and any other accessories from the bike before the journey to enable a frictionless loading and unloading of the bike onto the bike trailer. This way you simplify the boarding process and ensure a faster continuation of the RadBus journey. Please also note the additional information which needs to be considered before travel departure

Do I need to mention my electric bike when booking?

Yes – when booking we make a difference between a regular bicycle and an electric bike. This way we can guarantee that only the corresponding RadBuses and journeys which can transport e-bikes will be listed.

Does it cost more to transport electric bikes than regular bikes?

No - the cost for regular bikes and electric bikes is the same. Transporting an electric bike costs 3.00 euros for an adult bike and 2.00 euros for an electric bike for travellers under the age of 14. In addition to this, a reservation fee of 2.00 euros per 5 reserved bike spaces.

Questions about transportation requirements

When do I need to be at the bus?

Please be ready for departure at the bus stop on time. This is especially important if you are a big group to avoid late departures. We recommend you arrive at the RadBus stop about 10 minutes before departure, to prepare your bike ready for boarding.

Are bike bags, lights, tachometres or bike baskets a problem?

So that loading the bicycles at the bus stop runs smoothly and quickly, we request you to remove all accessories (e.g. bike bags, lights, loose objects or tachometers) before travel departure. This way you can simplify the loading process and ensure for a faster continuation of the RadBus journey.

Due to the construction of some bike trailers problems can occur when your bike has a bike basket attached to the handlebar. The baskets can get caught on the handlebars of bikes loaded in the other direction, so that your bike cannot be loaded in an orderly way. For this reason, we also ask you to remove bike baskets from the handlebars prior to loading. Please also read the information on the webpage about travel departure.

Can I take tandems, recumbent bikes or fatbikes?

No, - due to their size tandems and recumbent bikes cannot be taken. Fatbikes and bicycles with oversize tyres (more than 2 inches) cannot be attached to the trailer because of the size of their tyres.

Can I take a children’s trailer?

A children’s trailer needs to be foldable and can be treated as a luggage item. It can only be transported when there is sufficient room available.

Please note: due to the RadBus special offers the amount of space available on the bus as a rule is very limited, as wheelchair passengers or parents with pushchairs are given priority.  

Is a foldable bike treated as a luggage item or like a bicycle?

A foldable bike will be treated as a luggage item and can only be transported when there is sufficient room available. To ensure transportation in advance, booking a bike ticket and transporting the foldable bike as a regular bike is recommended.

What is the difference between a child’s bike and an adult’s bike?

Bikes for children up to the age of 14 years RadBus considers as children’s bikes regardless of bicycle size. All other bicycles are considered adult bicycles.

Can I take my dog?

Yes – you can take your dog on RadBus. When boarding the bus you can buy a reduced single ticket for your dog directly from the bus driver.
However, it is not permitted for your dog to sit on a seat. 

Who is responsible for transport damage to the bicycle?

When bicycles are transported on the trailers/rear bike carriers, the travel operator is only liable for damage when you can prove the damage occurred during transport. The best thing is to take a photograph of your bicycle before loading it onto the trailer or rear bike carrier.

Questions about the cycle paths

Is there any more Information available about the cycle paths along the RadBus routes?

You can download the current detailed cycle map here. Included with all RadBus schedules is also a large general map as well as the description of the cycle paths along the RadBuses routes.

Questions about the detailed Cycle Map routes

Where can I get a current detailed Cycle Map?

For many years the cycle map has been part of the RadBuses like a bike tour is to good weather. In the large-scale formatted cycle map you will find all the RadBus schedules as well as suggestions for cycle tours in north Rhineland-Palatinate. The current version you can download here or order. If you prefer to have a printed sample to hold in your hands then you can order it free of charge here at: