RadBus Hoher Westerwald

The RadBus Hoher Westerwald (bus no. 466) is new on the schedule this year and runs from 14th July from Rennerod to Koblenz. This is one of two RadBusses available on the right-side of the Rhine.

This route takes you past Westerburg and Montabaur. In Westerburg you can link up with the Nassau-Wäller cycle path, which you can follow to Limburg on the Lahn. From here the Lahn Cycle path takes you along the beautiful loops of the Lahn via Nassau and Bad Ems to the Rhine.

Should you disembark in Montabaur, you can pick up the Westerwald-Lahn cycle path. You can follow this northward, all the way to Hachenburg, the pearl of the Westerwald. Alternatively, you can head south-west and it will take you via Bad Ems to the Rhine and from there along the Rhine cycle path towards Koblenz.

The RadBus Hoher Westerwald runs on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays four times daily respectively from 8.45am and has space for 20 bicycles. E-bikes can also be transported.

Contact details

Questions for timetable:
Fa. Griesar Reisen GmbH 
Tel. 02623 / 951133
E-Mail: info(at)griesar-reisen(dot)de

Questions for tickets & fares:
Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel GmbH
Tel. 08005 / 986986 (kostenfrei)
E-Mail: info(at)vrminfo(dot)de

Questions fo tours & overnight stays:
Tourist-Information Montabaur
Tel. 02602 / 9502780
E-Mail: tourismus(at)montabaur(dot)de